A fun day at Fundy

Woke up early in the St. John Walmart parking lot. I noticed a few other RVs had joined us in the night.

We made our way downtown to the city market. It was written up as being on par with Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, but as we found out, it was far less. Even London’s markets are better. However a seafood vendor sold us some smoked salmon. On leaving the market we had a chat with a city sidewalk sweeper who asked if we were the owners of the RV with Ontario plates. He offered his help with local tourism. A fun and knowledgeable fellow.

Before heading out of town, we stopped in at CAA to extend our travel insurance, and then we hit the road to Fundy.

Thankfully, the RV’s navigation system keeps us on the right path, even though we stray from the course now and then. Like many Provincial parks we’ve visited, the road off the highway was a long and winding one. Several hills tested the gears of our Diesel engine.

We decided to continue ahead of our campground destination and drive to the town of Alma. You could see the huge beachfront drawing near as the world famous Bay of Fundy tide consumed the land. Alma boasts many seafood restaurants each vying for our consumer dollars. In the end we chose one that offered fresh lobster to eat in or take out. Our lunches were mussels and scallops, and we took home a fresh lobster for our camp dinner. We even stopped by a craft brewery to take home a local beer.

After a stop at the park’s registration office were guided to our campground. Our site has full hookups – electricity, water and waste. Once we settled in and relaxed with a happy hour beverage under the awning, we prepared our dinner.

Fresh lobster, smoked salmon, salad greens, parmigiana cheese and watermelon. We ate outside at our portable table and languished in the peaceful sounds of songbirds and chipmunks. It doesn’t get any better than this folks!