An island hop

At the Big Axe brewery we met a thespian customer who suggested we visit Grand Manan Island. So we booked a campsite at the Confederation Campground on the island. We had to squeeze in on the ferry as it was full. The ride was an hour and a half, passing mist covered islets and salmon farms.

We were early so we decided to explore the island end to end. We visited a Dulse shop and tasted the island’s famous seaweeds. Tried to hike a trail near an automated lighthouse but the grasses were too wet from the day’s rain. There was an interesting museum showing the history of the island and it’s fisheries and lighthouses. We even visited a working lighthouse. We had so much to to kill, we even went to a local laundromat to do our week old laundry. We were both running out of clean clothes! We had an unfortunate miscue when Robyn put our freshly washed clothes into another washer instead of the dryer. This added another hour before heading back to the campground. The campground was more spacious than the one in Levis. Our neighbours were locals, but from Ontario originally and kindly asked if we’d like to join them at their campfire.

For some reason we couldn’t get water into our tank, and also couldn’t plug in to the electricity post. The frustration learning process of becoming a RVer. Back to bottled water. Thank god for our solar panels and onboard generator. Now where did I put that manual?