Belleville Eden

Yesterday was great, left early and made it to our friends Ric and Catherine early afternoon in Belleville. They used to be our neighbours in Unionville and we haven’t seem them in years. They now live in a beautiful home with the most amazing huge backyard with a waterfall pond, lovely gardens, loads of very old trees and an abundance of wildlife. We sat outside enjoying it all while chatting.

Great to catch up again. Ric always played Santa ? at local malls after retiring as a ?. Good generous man. He always signs off with love, see below.

So a busy day today with more unexpected back and forth (no I didn’t leave my phone anywhere!). Reached Brockville a few hours ago and are parked at Walmart as they allow free parking across North America. We just needed an overnight spot and a few groceries so perfecto. We did our shopping, came back for a wee nap ? then Frank wanted to go back in but I was tired and hot.

So then I managed to drive Frank INSANE hee hee. He comes back and within a few minutes this weird high pitched buzzing/whine sounds off to the right side of the rig. We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, looked outside, Frank went online to a forum, did the Systems check. He was getting rather stressed out!

Meanwhile when he was gone earlier it was getting hot so I found my little fan but it wouldn’t work….so I put it in the car door pocket. Then, it suddenly started working IN the car door after Frank got back. ! So after about 15 minutes of stress Frank said, is there anything down there? Voila! The noise is discovered and promptly turned off. I got one of those ‘too the moon Alice!’ fist shakes while I was killing myself laughing ?

Poor Frank.