Harvest Hosts

For one night stays, a great concept is a membership to the Harvest Hosts database. Breweries, wineries, farms, museums, golf courses across North America offer space for travelers to spend a night on their properties. For free! Of course patronizing them is encouraged.

Our first Harvest Host stop was at the Big Axe Brewery in Nackawic, home of the largest axe. Flights of sample beers were served in mini picnic tables. The beers were good! A few other RVs stayed there also, but it was very quiet.

Interestingly to get there we drove through a covered bridge.

Our next Harvest Host was in St. George at the Granite Town Blueberry Farm. We were the only guests. They had blueberries in many forms, jams, chutneys, syrups, wine and pies. The blueberry crumble was very tasty! They also sold Beyond Meat sausages… yum!

There was a marsh trail that we started, but gave up after being attacked by mosquitoes. Saw this weird yellow thing growing on some plants. Not sure what it is. We were lulled to sleep by the marsh frogs singing for their mates.