La belle province…

Nothing quite prepares you for a night in a Walmart parking lot. Yet these are a must for boondockers… in a pinch.

After a great trip to Belleville, we needed a stopping off point before hitting Quebec. Brockville was the answer. Specifically a Walmart parking lot. A noisy trucker night it was.

A local couple eyed the RV, and filled us in on checking out the St. Lawrence waterfront.

When we woke up, we freshened up at Walmart, and made our way to Quebec, a brutally bumpy ride. I Google mapped our route, wanting to avoid going through Montreal’s busy city traffic. Somehow, as has happened before, the Google AI lost her voice, and before long we were traversing Montreal’s traffic chaos caused by a mass of construction.

Eventually  we were routed the wrong way. We pulled over in a parking lot and put Google away. I punched in the coordinates to our camping destination on the RV’s navigation and it guided us to the front door step. London friends Rob and Wendy suggested we stop at Camping Transit. Not a bad spot. They have a shuttle service that will take us to the ferry to Quebec City. A bonus is that their  restaurant delivers to your campsite! Which we took in.

Once we backed into our site, I was keen to use my YouTube knowledge and hook up our water and electricity. Everything seemed so simple. The A/C kicked in right away, cooling the rig, but when I checked the fresh water tank level it was empty. I checked the rig’s built-in service centre and noticed that there was a huge water pond building up.

Several calls to our dealer proved fruitless. I believe that a plug wasn’t put back after de-winterizing by the dealer. Anyway, a mobile rv mechanic will take a look tomorrow and hopefully will determine the problem.

Until then, bon soir.