Day 1 of our ‘freedom from the rat race’ didn’t quite go as planned but there were some bright moments! After a hectic running around getting last minute packing, a teary and huggy ? goodbye to Rhiana we HIT the road. Whoo hoo. Frank drove us to Toronto to meet with his lovely and fun Mum (Ann) for lunch at Congee Queen. That harkens back to years ago when I would take her to her eye doctor appointments and then we would go for fish congee with chinese doughnuts that you dip with, shrimp paste stuffed eggplant, green pepper and tofu. Good memories. So we ordered a small feast that we all enjoyed and lots of leftovers for her to take home.
After that we had a short but great visit with his Auntie Mina and Uncle Richard in Thornhill. So nice to see them again, it’s been ages! Really good people, if we were living closer I’m sure we would be getting together more often.

So catastrophe happens….I realize I left my phone charging back in London WITH my health & hospital cards tucked in a pocket on the back.
Oy Vey!!!!!!! So we try to figure out a plan with Rhi possibly sending it overnight by Fed Ex but we are not sure where we will be as we are flying by the seat of our pants!

So, Frank takes charge and said, we will just drive back (Which Rhiana had advised but I hate back tracking). So we had a great first day on our excellent adventure driving 200 km for lunch & a quick visit then back to London heh heh. Poor Frank, rather tired after leaving at 9am then pulling back in at 5:30. Luckily I was not the only one to blame as he left a few things too.
We went to Swiss Chalet and made a list of everything we need this time around.

Plan is to depart again tomorrow morning and head to Belleville to see our fav Unionville neighbours Ric and Catherine. Park overnight at their place and then head east. It’s been a bit of a hiccup but nice to come back to Rhiana after almost 10 hours and announce ‘we had a great trip!!!!!’