The Chosen One

Many factors come in to play when you have the choices put forward by the motorhome industry. How you approach those choices depends soley on personal visions and aspirations.

Our manufacturer of choice was Leisure Travel Vans from Manitoba, Canada. Handmade quality with years of experience building recreational vehicles that exude first class design and construction. What a sales pitch! Sure they are not the cheapest in the field, but as a much sought after product, these vehicles hold their value, and that meant a lot!

We liked the three LTV brands, the Serenity, the Unity and the Wonder. And with over 10 different floorplans between them, we were going to have to dig deep and reason out our choices. We sent away for all the brochures and watched the LTV YouTube channel repeatedly until we narrowed down what we each liked about the vans.


We fine-tuned our choice to the Unity TB and the Wonder RTB.

Both floorplans had rear twin beds that could convert to one huge Queen+ bed. Both had ample storage. The Unity is built on a Mercedes chassis, while the Wonder is built on a Ford chassis. As previously mentioned, storage and functionality feature high on our list as did price. However serviceabliity was a big factor with me being non-mechanically inclined. As was the expansive storage and price. Add in all the available options (four solar panels, an onboard generator plus loads more) and we have a winner!

By now, you will have realized our choice was the Wonder RTB.

Check out the video below to see what we got ourselves into.