Why go back

Five years ago we visited Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and travelled in a rented Fiat Cabriolet. What a great trip! Mostly staying in AirBnBs we came across a renovated ferrier’s house in Charlottetown, PEI. The location was perfect and wanting to stay an extra night, our host Louise told us that she had a prior booking for the space. However, knowing that we were headed to the north coast, Louise offered us a room at her house in Bay Fortune outside Souris. Our stay there made a lasting impression with Louise and her husband, Gordon’s maritime hospitality.

This year’s inaugural trip in our RV to the east coast had a destination – a return to Bay Fortune, the red sands of PEI and of course to visit Louise and Gordon!

We had a great relaxing time from the first moments with Louise’s strawberry gin drinks, to the many authentic east coast meals and outstanding east coast hospitality. They allowed us to hook up the RV to water and electricity, and even dump our tanks in the septic system. Both are extremely knowledgeable about east coast traditions and services. We couldn’t have asked for a better destination. Thank you Louise and Gordon!

Here are captured moments of our visit: