Welcome to our site! We’re going to begin a journey in the next chapter of our lives exploring and visiting places and people in the “great white north” and south of the 49th parallel. We invite you to follow us along the way.


We are Robyn and Franklin, ‘two peas in a pod’. Creatives who like the simple life, traveling together to meet people, experience great food and culture and  respect the Earth that we live on. We only have one life. Let’s live it!

Between us we’ve been across the world, but there’s so much more to explore on the North American continent. First adventure – as much of Canada as we can see. That means nature, the great outdoors, overland and in an off-the-grid motorhome.

We’re going to document our travels as often as we can. With photos and blog updates we’ll share with you our experiences. Let the adventures begin…

How are we doing it

We’ll be traveling in our brand new 2019 Wonder RTB motorhome built in Canada by Leisure Travel Vans.


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